About the Podcast

Welcome to the Financial Modelling Podcast where we discuss the latest trends in financial modelling.  From AI and machine learning to automation and model auditing, this is your number one source for financial modelling news, tips and tricks with your host, Matthew Bernath.

In the show, we interview a wide range of guests from traders to financiers and hear how financial modelling fits into their worlds.  We ask for advice for aspiring financial modellers and those new to the field.  We also investigate the future of financial modelling, and how it could be disrupted by AI and automation.  We look at how financial models impact companies and deals, and how they are used to understand complex transactions.  We speak to model experts, advisers, auditors, engineers and visionaries to see how financial modelling fits into the global economy.

The podcast has been rated as one of the top finance podcasts of 2019 and 2020 by the Corporate Finance Institute and is rated 5 stars on iTunesFinancial Edge has rated the podcast as one of the top finance podcasts to listen to in 2020.

About the Host

Matthew is an entrepreneur, engineer, CFA® charterholder, trainer and Excel addict with a love for finance, data science, process optimisation, data visualisation and building businesses.  Over R5bn has been raised using financial models that Matthew has built.

As a qualified engineer, Matthew has consulted to numerous banks, corporates and parastatals on a number of technology, dashboard, strategy, risk, training, financial modelling and process re-engineering engagements. He provides Excel and Financial Modelling training and runs regular, highly rated in-house and public Excel, VBA, Financial Modelling and Dashboards training courses.  With practical insight and a broad client base, Matthew has never been rated less than 5 out of 5 for subject matter expertise.

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