• Can you be a Professional Financial Modeller?

    Can you be a Professional Financial Modeller? Can you make a profession out of financial modelling?  Is an entrepreneurial spirit, financial modelling skills and some drive enough to build a […]

  • Why Financial Models Matter

    Many entrepreneurs do not see the need for a financial model.  They simply want to start marketing and selling, without a full understanding of their enterprise and costs.  I believe […]

  • Funding your Dreams – Finance for Entrepreneurs

    The average entrepreneur does not have a comfortable understanding of finance.  This allows them to miss opportunities to save money, streamline processes, and raise capital.  In addition, it sometimes means […]

  • Forecasting

    Forecasting – the ability to foresee the future, analyse trends and make even semi-accurate predictions allows the entrepreneur to be proactive when tackling industries and making business decisions. This maximizes […]

  • Models Models Models

    Financial Models As a business owner, when talking about models, you are talking about a Financial Model.  The type of financial model that shows you where your business is going […]