Financial Modelling and Excel Courses

Are you looking for an online financial modelling course?  Matthew Bernath has provided training on Excel (Beginner to Advanced and VBA), Financial Modelling in Excel, Automating Models in Excel using VBA, Modelling with Statistics in Excel, Creating Dashboards in Excel and finance-specific Excel courses.

Matthew is consistently rated 4 or 5 out of 5 for training by delegates, with special mention given to Subject Matter Knowledge (of advanced Excel engineering) and presentation abilities.

Online Courses

Project Finance Overview - from Inception to Financial Close

Infrastructure Finance is not just another form of investment banking. It finances our roads and our bridges, our hospitals and our power stations. It breathes life into our economy.  In this course, you will learn:

  • How infrastructure deals are financed
  • What makes them so complicated
  • The course covers project finance structures, risk mitigation and insight from subject matter experts
  • The course only covers a high-level overview of project finance modelling and does not contain any project finance modelling exercises.

Excel Tools for Financial Modelling

This course equips delegates with Excel tools to build financial models.


  • The most useful Excel functions, add-ons and formulas to build financial models, perform lookups, assess risk and scenarios and build reports.
  • Goal Seek, Solver and Data Tables for optimisation and scenario analysis.
  • The course gives an outline of the financial modelling process and cash flow waterfalls.

New Reporting Features in Excel 2013

Create great-looking dashboards with the new reporting (and a few other) features in Excel 2013.


  • Some of the new features, together with practice workbooks.
  • From PivotTables to Recommended Charts and Flash Fill, this course will quickly get you up to speed with some of the changes from previous versions of Excel.

This course is ideal for anyone upgrading from Excel 2010 (or lower) to Excel 2013 or Excel 2016.

Financial Model

How to Record and Run a Macro in 4 Easy Steps

Learn how to harness the power of automation in Excel by recording a Macro in 4 easy steps!


  • How to record and run a macro
  • When and why macros don’t always work
  • Why macros can save time, reduce errors and automate basic tasks
  • Why macros can also be very dangerous and what to be careful of when using macros

Courses Offered Through Financial Edge Training

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The Investment Banker

FE’s best selling investment banking course. Get the same training as new hires to the top 4 investment banks. This online program covers accounting, financial modeling, valuation (including discounted cash flow and WACC), plus M&A and LBO analysis.
  • How to read financial statements and analyze companies
  • How to build an integrated three statement model
  • Key valuation techniques and how to set up both M&A and LBO models
  • Using real company case studies and hundreds of exercises

The Modeler Online

Enroll in this online financial modeling course and learn how to build models quickly and error-free.
  • Introduction to modeling
  • Three statement modeling with iterations
  • Building a model with cash sweep
  • Checking a model for integrity and errors

Project Finance

Access one of the most extensive project finance online courses available. Learn risk management, the accounting specifics and how to structure the finance behind a project.
  • How project finance is different, the mechanics, contracts, and more
  • The details of risk management, financing methods and how to handle the accounting for projects
  • How to calculate key ratios and quantify returns

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