Disclaimer: None of these downloads are to be used in actual deals. These are sample calculations only and assumptions are taken. These files are for illustrative purposes only.  All financial models should be thoroughly reviewed and assessed by a model reviewer or auditor. 

Interest Rate Converter

About the Converter

Interest rates are quoted either as nominal rates (NACM) or annual effective rates (NACA), but can also be quoted as Quarterly (NACQ) or Semi-Annual (NACS). In order to compare rates, you must ensure they are quoted on the same basis – 5.00% NACM is actually 5.12% NACA.

The C in the names stands for ‘Compounding’ and dictates when the interest earned is added to the balance. If interest is compounded monthly, the next month’s interest will be calculated on the previous month’s balance plus the interest charged or earned in that prior month!

The FMP Interest Rate Converter allows you to convert between NACM, NACQ, NACS and NACA.

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Debt Sculpting Example

About the Debt Sculpting Example

What is debt sculpting and how can it maximise debt in a project? Find out in this three-part tutorial including a downloadable Excel file, a Financial Modelling Podcast and a blog post. This is the downloadable Excel example.

Debt sculpting allows projects to match debt repayments to the cashflows which may strengthen and weaken over time, in line with seasonality, inflation or some other metric.

Be sure to check out the podcast and blog post about debt sculpting.

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Excel Shortcuts

About Excel Shortcuts

Excel shortcuts are exceptionally useful! In this attachment, I’ve compiled some of my most commonly used shortcuts. Please let me know if you think I’ve left out anything useful.

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