Financial Modelling Downloads

These are some useful financial modelling files that I’ve made available for download – please send any comments or bug reports to [email protected]

Interest Rate Converter

Interest rates are quoted either as nominal rates (NACM) or annual effective rates (NACA), but can also be quoted as Quarterly (NACQ) or Semi-Annual (NACS).

In order to compare rates, you must ensure they are quoted on the same basis – 5.00% NACM is actually 5.12% NACA.

The C in the names stands for ‘Compounding’ and dictates when the interest earned is added to the balance.  If interest is compounded monthly, the next month’s interest will be calculated on the previous month’s balance plus the interest charged or earned in that prior month!

The attached Excel file allows you to convert between NACM, NACQ, NACS and NACA.

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A tweet of mine regarding DateDif garnered a lot of attention.  Complete the form below to download the example and watch the video to see how useful this formula is!

Excel Shortcuts

Excel shortcuts are exceptionally useful!  In this attachment, I’ve compiled some of my most commonly used shortcuts.  Please let me know if you think I’ve left out anything useful!

What is Project Finance?

In this document, I introduce some of the project finance concepts that are used for the financing of infrastructure.

Debt Sculpting Example

This example shows how a sculpted debt profile compares to an annuity based amortising debt profile.


Will data science and AI disrupt financial modelling?  What is a project finance financial model?

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