Matthew Bernath has lectured at universities and corporates. Matthew excels at translating complex topics into bite-sized nuggets easily understandable by a wide variety of audiences.

You can view a recording of one his talks on project finance here, recorded in Sydney,  2018.

You can view a recording of one of his talks on data science here, recorded at WITS University, Johannesburg, 2017.   If you have difficulty viewing this video, please follow these steps to allow Flash to run.


Data Science for Executives

  • What is Data Science?
  • How did Data Science prove its worth?
  • How can it be used throughout the organisation?
  • Why is executive buy-in crucial for Data Science initiatives to succeed?
  • What should a Data Science team look like?

Understanding Data Science in Excel

  • Learn about Data Science through a familiar platform
  • No need for coding skills or experience
  • See how powerful Data Science is even on small datasets
  • Learn about Data Science techniques and algorithms

Excel for Financial Modelling

  • Learn how Microsoft Excel is used globally as a powerful financial modelling tool.
  • Understand the most useful Excel functions, add-ons and formulas to build financial models, perform lookups, perform scenario analysis and build reports.

Complexities of Project Finance Modelling

  • Discover the complexities of Project Finance
  • Understand why Project Finance models are so intricate
  • Learn what banks look at when they finance infrastructure deals

Data Visualisation and Story Telling in Excel

  • Discover how to tell a story using data
  • Learn how to visualise data for maximum impact
  • Build dashboards that empower the user to make decisions


“He is an expert in his subject and takes the time to explain.”

“Was passionate about his subject, well prepared and thorough knowledge.”

“Able to engage the audience at all levels.”


Download useful Excel and Financial Modelling examples, tools and cheat sheets here.


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