The Coffice

The Coffice, or Coffee Shop Office

I do my best creative work in coffee shops – and that includes building financial models from the ground up and financial engineering!  I love the good coffee on tap, and the ability to let my mind wander free.  That said, I do my best, focused work in the office, with no sound or headphones, and just my PC humming in the background.

Coffice Financial Modeller

The Office

There is a lot to be said for leaving the office once in a while and letting your mind wander, unobstructed by the walls we surround ourselves with.  An office, a conformist environment, can have a negative effect on your creativity and ability to design new products and ideas.  The execution of these ideas is probably best done in a quiet and focused space.  There is still, therefore, the need for an office.

The Office

That said, the office doesn’t have to remain the boring one your company gives you.  While working at a corporate, very little on my desk actually belongs to the company or was given to me.  I have purchased my own wireless keyboard and mouse, my own potplant and desk organizers, and even my own art (the art curator still dislikes me for taking the chosen pieces off the wall and replacing them with pieces that cost far less, but are much more to my liking).  We spend too much of our times in offices to not make them our own – own the space you are given, even if it is just a desk!

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